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We are available for contracts by specialty and for as long as you require. We accept payments via PayPal and credit card, anywhere in the world.

Our services are available in English and Spanish, on US Central Time.


Our specialists are certified by Qlik as System Administrators and have vast experience in the administration of the Qlik platform. They can help you check and troubleshoot the configuration of your Qlik environment. From making sure your parameters are well established to dealing with issues with Publisher, Test Server, License assignment, etc., our consultants are ready to help you.

Do you have doubts whether the performance of your applications is being affected by your server’s configuration?
Do you need to set up a cluster?
Do you need to set up the access of users to Qlik?
Do you need to enable a public IP?
Do you need to install a certificate of security?
Do you need to know if your license supports a specific set-up and/or is able to interact with other platforms in your architecture?
Do you need to validate a sizing?

So, through our on-demand service, we can help you with these issues and many more!

System Administration consultant


Do you need assistance to determine the best way to represent certain information?
Are you looking for help to decide on the best design for an application?
Do you need to know how to make a specific visualization?
You can’t get a visualization to work as you expected?
Do you need to know if it is possible a certain visualization starting from your existing information?
Do you need to know how to prepare your data in order to generate a new visualization?
Do you ignore how to build an expression using advanced features like aggr, interval-match and many others?
Do you need to know if there is a pre-designed feature available to show data in a certain way?

Our specialized services on visualization have been conceived to respond to these and many other questions related to what the best way is to design the visualization of a Qlik application. From a dashboard to a dynamic report, and anything related to graphs and expressions, you can consult our specialists.

Advanced Visualization consultant


Our scripting specialists are Qlik-certified consultants with lots of experience in the implementation of the platform. They have vast knowledge of the development of highly complex applications that require a very important preparation of data, from the connectivity and integration of several data sources to code optimization. All to get the best response time on data reload tasks.

The scripting process is strongly linked to the design of data models of a Qlik application. For that reason, additionally to offering assistance on the best way to build a script, our specialists can help our clients to decide on the best way to integrate their information on a data model.

What kind of associative model should be used?
How should it be implemented for it to work properly?
How should synthetic tables and circular relations be eliminated from a model?
How to optimize a data model for it to be efficient?
What changes can be made in terms of data models to optimize and application that’s running too slow?

Our specialists on scripting & data model can help you solve these issues and many others in no time!

Scripting & Data Model consultant


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