Tableau Software helps people see and understand their data. It is used by more than 19,000 companies and organizations all over the world. It is a quick launching software which offers analysis and business intelligence.

It creates visualizations, panels and dashboards in minutes to then share them in seconds. The result? You will obtain the results from data swiftly, without the need of programming.



Tableau Desktop is a tool of visual Analytics development, based on VizQL technology.

It transforms “drag & drop” actions into data queries, which are later interpreted in a visual manner, easier to use and more intuitive. Ask new questions, spot new trends, identify opportunities and make decisions based on trusted data.



Share the value of your whole organization’s data with Tableau Server. Empower your company by giving it the freedom to explore data in a safe environment, without restraints to predefined questions.

Tableau will integrate to your current data architecture, respect its protocols and it will be easy to upgrade.



This is an analytics platform, hosted in the cloud in its entirety.

Publish dashboards and share your findings with whomever you want. Deliver a safe access and easy analysis to your partners, external teams, and clients.

Download a free trial Tableau sample and start exploring your possibilities


The Tableau platform


Locate your data where you need it. Tableau allows you to consume your internet data safely on a navigator, on your desktop, on a mobile device or integrated into an app.


Make decisions based on your data.
Share interactive dashboards safely.
Control your data with alerts and subscriptions.


Ask and answer questions as they rise.
Strengthen your information with calculations, statistics and advanced analysis.

Content Discovery

Make it easier for your users to find accurate data.
Organize resources by project and recommend relevant data.
Allow users to go back with the revision history and allow search.


Your data will be safe.
Manage and streamline data use with centralized data sources,
data certification, row-level permissioning, and usage analytics.

Data Preparation

Prepare data with the same visual and interactive interface with which you analyze it.
Visualize information with clarity with the Automatic Data Modeling.

Access to Data

Connect with all your data in your facilities or in the cloud.
Access diverse data and combine them without codes.
Connect with data in real time, retrieve it, or do both based on your needs.


Choose how and where to implement. Tableau can integrate to your current data infrastructure, both in your facilities and in the cloud.


Your data will be safe.
Manage and streamline data use with centralized data sources.
data certification.
row-level permissioning and usage analytics.

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